APRIL 3, 2022

This week was the last full week of a beautiful chapter in our service here at Adam-ondi-Ahman.  We have enjoyed our time with the couples we came with more than we can express.  The seven 2022 couples will arrive next week, and a new chapter will begin. It seems like our focus for days has been directed towards making everything as nearly perfect as possible for their arrival.  We have anticipated that day for weeks.  Our feelings are similar to kids awaiting Christmas Day.

The Wash House cleaning crew

It was our cleaning week, so we had a little extra to take care of.  I was able to reach a new PR in number of names indexed and reviewed in a single month.  That felt good!  The sisters who lived in the 4-plex got together and scrubbed the wash house from top to bottom.  We each got our old apartments in tip top shape for the incoming couple.  The couple we are assigned to help transition into mission life and have a rewarding experience here are Ed and Faun Taylor from North Logan.  Andrea was in Logan to see the baby animal show and stopped by to meet them. Her review was all I knew it would be.  Faun and I have chatted several times recently and gave her a virtual tour of their new accommodations here. We have prayed for them and planned for them until we feel like we are about to meet people we’ve known forever for the first time. 

Hyrum with Ed Taylor and DeEste with Faun Taylor

It was work report week that requires a few extra hours to compile so it can be turned into the General Authorities.  I was also asked to work on a brief history of Adam-ondi-Ahman, Far West and Eminence for fieldtrips planned to orient the new couples.  Gratefully, we have access to the words of the new signs coming to AOA. They are powerful and proclaim the past and future of this place without apology.  With our recent Tower Hill project,  they will contribute greatly to the experience faithful members have while visiting here. They have been approved and should arrive in mid-summer.

Elder K sweeping the roads at AOA

Darrel has been on the road improvement crew: hauling gravel, filling potholes, and sweeping the gravel from the grass back onto the roads. He also did a few finish-up projects at the 4-plex. He was assigned to reseed the area disturbed by the water line that was recently put in from the Diahman Center to Tower Hill.  He was a part of an AOA miracle.  Here’s the VIBER report to our children the day after the incident.

Dad is alive and moving quite well following a potentially dangerous event.  We feel it was an AOA miracle.  He and Elder Barker hooked a fertilizer/ seed broadcaster to the tractor. In order to hook it, Dad had to remove some sway arm blocks. All was good until the arms raised too high and wedged on the upper blocks which spring loaded the arms.  In trying to relief the pressure and unhook it the keeper pin broke on Elder Barker’s side. 😬 This released all the spring tension, and everything blew apart. The spreader slammed dad in the fore arms and threw him 12-15 feet onto his back on the concrete floor. The large 15-inch crescent wrench he was holding ended up under the engraver next to the wall.  Elder Barker got hit in the head by the plastic hopper and it knocked him down, too. Dad has a few bruises and felt like he’d been run over by Hostess Truck yesterday, but he feels more like it was just a Tonka Truck today.” 😇
The 2021 Sisters fixing the farm breakfast menu for supper.
Elder Nielson and Elder Kenison on clean up crew.

We gather once a month for FHE.  Elder and Sister Snow sponsored it for March.  We held it in our home because their home is much smaller.  We celebrated the anniversary of the First Vision.  Although Joseph did not record the date, he did describe the beautiful spring morning.  Traditionally April 6, 1820, has been the date of this glorious event.  However, detailed weather reports from a military base near Palmyra New York revealed that April 6, 1820, was a stormy, cold day, rather than the gorgeous day described. Two scholars have both pursued very different courses to isolate the exact date independent of each other.  The Smith’s worked 100’s of sugar maple trees. Weather conditions dictate the harvest and when the sap runs it is an exhausting and urgent task. One scholar studied the weather reports with the demands of tapping sugar maples and determined March 26, 1820, was the most likely date for Joseph to be free to make a private trip to the grove near his home. The weather was clear and gorgeous that Sunday.  Another scholar studied the Enoch calendar and came to the same conclusion.  Although the exact date may be interesting, it pales in comparison to the fact the God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ appeared to the boy Joseph to usher in this last dispensation.  We concluded the evening with a farm style breakfast menu for supper.  For those interested I’m including a link describing the research of the scholars referred to. 

We got together at our house on Friday night as well for a final shared date night.  We enjoyed a barbecue with all the trimmings.  The meal was tasty,  and the after-dinner conversation was delightful.  I will never get over the joy of being a part of a group that is so comfortable with each other and enjoys being together so much.

This weekend we have simply enjoyed General Conference. There are so many take-aways and impressions lingering in my mind and heart.  I feel so grateful to be a part of God’s Kingdom on the earth with prophets and apostles to lead, counsel, teach, and inspire.  We plan to play “Conference in 40 Days” as soon as it is available online and invite you to do the same.  It consists of reading and pondering one talk each day for 40 days or until the whole conference has been revisited. We’re praying for the strength and stamina of youth to make it through our schedule next week!  We are grateful for your prayers in our behalf.  We love you!  We love our mission!  We love the Lord!  Elder and Sister K.

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