February 13, 2022

February 13, 2022

Tomorrow is Valentines. St. Valentine was a good man who lived in a dark time of the earth’s history, yet he remained true to his Christian beliefs and his defense of the sanctity of marriage at high personal cost.  Valentine’s Day has long been a time to express friendship and love, but this year I’m hoping it is a reminder to remain true to our beliefs in troubled times and in our defense of marriage and eternal covenants.

Elder and Sister Schwitzer came this week.  Their visit was timely for more me.   Sister Schwitzer shared a message in prayer meeting.  Her conclusion was to live and focus where we stand and let God take care of our families—with the promise that the sun will always shine again.

During our interview Elder Schwitzer asked about our family.  In reporting some of the troubling circumstances in our lives, Elder Schwitzer offered to give me a blessing.  I had desired a blessing, and that upspoken desire was known by God and communicated to him.  It is the most powerful blessing I’ve ever received. He made powerful promises that spoke peace to my heart with the admonition to never doubt them. He said I should watch in patience for the Lord to fulfill His promises and concluded that I choose to be happy, serve to the best of my ability and let God help share the burden. It reminded me of a favorite scripture D&C 123: 17. “…Let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.”

I tend to be a fixer. Recently I’ve relearned the truth that there are some things in life that only God can fix.  Coming to that realization was difficult until I felt the relief that came with it.  It brought a peace that “surpasseth all understanding.”  It could be described as entering “into the rest of the Lord” in the midst of a tough journey. Once I came to grips with my absolute dependence, I felt promptings to assist in His work in very simple, manageable ways.    

Elder Schwitzer reminded that when trials come in layers, we can count on the blessings that follow doing the same.  That night Elder Schwitzer’s message was brief. He spoke of marriage from the perspective of temple ordinances and its place in the new and everlasting covenant. The covenants made each apply to marriage and reveal how to solve problems as a couple. As we council with inspired questions we invite the opportunity to receive revelation.  He concluded that if remember our covenants and what we promise God and each other, there is no problem that could not be solved with sincere questions from that perspective.  He suggested when we next attend the temple we look for three stories. 1) The story of Adam and Eve. 2) The story of the restoration.  3) Our own story. The Evening ended with each couple sharing how they met and fell in love. It was a glorious day.

The work moved forward this week in rewarding, fun ways. Apartments 2 and 3 got new carpet and work to refurbish apartments 1 and 4 began. The interior of the new addition at the WC is nearing completion.  The walls and ceiling were textured and painted this week. Darrel and Elder Barker installed the LVP flooring. It took over 50 boxes to complete the job and it looks beautiful. I was able to get the work and history report for January 2022 ready to submit to our GA’s, and begin work on the History Book for 2022.   Our new vision for the record was inspired by Nephi’s small plates where only the more “plain and precious” parts of our time here and that we consider to be “sacred” be recorded.  Our intent is to keep a record of what is accomplished here to further the objectives of our mission statement which is “To beautify, maintain, and improve the land our lives.  To make both presentable to the Savior.”

I got my barn quilt back from the quilter and learned how real quilters bind them.  Sister Snow made two house calls and I find I learn far more than quilting from her.

I see the hope of spring with bulbs peeking above the ground.  My star cheers me each morning, beautiful sunsets each night warm my heart and the multitude of little birds that come each day delight me. Going through some old pictures in the basement of the director’s house, we came across an amazing watercolor of President Hinckley done by my cousin, Lester B. Lee. That gave me an opportunity to reach out and reconnect with him.  He was pleased it had made it here and speaking to him was like sunshine to my soul. Life is good! God’s tender mercies are evident when we have eyes to see, even (especially) in turbulent times.  We love you all!  We love our mission.  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! 

2 thoughts on “February 13, 2022

  1. Sounds like “All is well” at AOA. I think, as moms, we are used to fixing all situations in our family’s lives if only by advising them how to fix it themselves. When they become adults we still want to protect and care for them, but they sometimes don’t welcome our advice. That love and caring never goes away. Thanks for sharing that God has to fix some things and we need to rely on Him.
    You are doing such a great work for Him.
    Love you,


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