September 5, 2021

Our report this week spans to two Sundays.  Church services here are at AOA are spirit-filled and insightful. It was wonderful to share that experience with Jordan, Andrea, and Hyrum last week.  I ended up teaching section 93.  A couple of quotes I came across in my preparation have given me cause to reflect again and again.

Jesus never asked any man or woman to do anything He was not willing to do. Because all men and women lose the memory of their premortal stature when they come to earth, so did He. 

Lorenzo Snow taught:When Jesus lay in the manger, a helpless infant, He knew not that He was the Son of God, and that formerly He created the earth. When the edict of Herod was issued, He knew nothing of it; He had not power to save Himself; and His father and mother had to take Him and fly into Egypt to preserve Him from the effects of that edict. Well, He grew up to manhood, and during His progress it was revealed unto Him who He was, and for what purpose He was in the world, and the glory and power He possessed before.” (Having studied more carefully the Divine tutoring Joseph Smith experienced to lay the foundation of this last dispensation, I can’t imagine what Divine tutoring the Savior received in preparation for His Atonement. I suspect it was more frequent and glorious than words can capture.)

Elder Tad R. Callister taught, “The difference between man and God is significant—but it is one of degree, not kind. It is the difference between an acorn and an oak tree, a rosebud and a rose, a son and a father. In truth, every man is a potential god in embryo, in fulfillment of that eternal law that like begets like . . . Why is it so critical to have a correct vision of this divine destiny of godliness of which the scriptures and other witnesses so clearly testify? Because with increased vision comes increased motivation.”

This week’s “Come Follow Me” study has brought meaning to something one of the Elder’s said a few weeks ago.  He said, “The Lord is easily pleased, but not easily satisfied.”

We stopped at the Kansas City Temple after picking them up at the airport. We walked the grounds and had a picnic.

After my study this week, I am inclined to agree. The Lord loved the saints and early leaders of the Church.  He was pleased with their efforts to do as He asked, but there was more He wanted to give them that was not possible where they were.  Thus, He was not satisfied. He chastised and corrected them, hoping they would qualify for the power from on high which they could not have without a temple. He describes in D&C 97:8-9 what was required to be accepted by Him and the promise to those who are successful in doing so. I believe that formula will still work today. As a temple was to be the center of their settlements, so it must be in our lives. It is my believe that we are never really lost if we can still “see the temple.” How grateful we felt to be in the temple yesterday. It was a miracle that just two spots were still open for a session right after we dropped Andrea and Hyrum off at the airport.

Visitor’s Center in Independence, MO.
Preacher Rock at AOA

Last Sunday we enjoyed being at Liberty Jail and the Independence Missouri Visitor’s Center with the Silottis. It’s two places we never tire of visiting. That evening we shared Tower Hill at AOA with them.  Monday Elder K. and I took the day off and spent a few hours in the Rangers taking them to our favorite places here at AOA.  It’s something we love to do, and the weather was lovely. Jordan had to fly out very early on Tuesday, so Darrel took him to a Kansas City Airbnb that evening.

Tuesday through Friday we spent sharing Haun’s Mill, the Pioneer Cemetery and David Whitmer’s grave in Richmond, as well as the murals in Chillicothe. Andrea, Hyrum and I went to St. Joseph: The home of the Pony Express and the Patee Hotel Museum. We experienced the park and the Amish charm of Jamesport and the one-of-a-kind shoe store in Gallatin.  It is more like a treasure hunt than a shoe store, but Andrea found it rather delightful since she loves shopping for shoes.  Her souvenirs for the trip were two new pairs of sandals!

You’d think there was no work done at all, but Elder K. helped at the Duplex one day and mowed two days. They are currently taking down the old carport at the trailer so it can be removed and constructing a new carport for the Duplex. 

On the way to the airport, we stopped at the hometown Dino Diner in Cameron for breakfast, visited the Shatto Dairy, and pointed out where we stayed in Plattsburg with family a view years ago.  It was hard to watch them disappear behind the airport entrance doors.  We longed to send a portion of the protective bubble we live in.  It feels so safe, warm, and welcoming. Those are not words that describe a world in commotion, confusion, and fear. Thank goodness for the gospel, for prayer, for faith, for valiant saints, and for a prophet!

Just a preview of next week.  The missionaries will be taking their annual trip to Winter Quarter’s Nebraska.  We’ve been there once before and that was with Jake when we picked him up from his mission.  We plan to add to the sweet memories of that time together.  Have a wonderful week!

                                                      Elder and Sister K.

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